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After 19years of professional training, promote the integration of new business forms in the environmental protection industry

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Anhui Yuanchen Environmental Protect

Yuanchen Technology was established in 2005, and it has not changed since the beginning of its development. Facing major national needs, focusing on the research and development and application of technologies in the environmental protection field, pioneering innovations in industrial flue gas dust removal, denitrification, circular economy, smart environmental protection and other fields; committed to leading the forefront of industry technology and promoting the integration of new business formats in the environmental protection industry. It is the only company in the country At the same time, enterprises that have the qualifications for the research and development, design, production of high-efficiency dust removal filter materials and SCR denitration catalysts, as well as the recovery and regeneration of waste catalysts, have the qualifications of CNAS and CMA testing.

On March 31, 2021, Yuanchen Technology officially landed in A shares and listed on the Shanghai Stock Exchange Science and Technology Innovation Board, officially opening the capital securitization of Yuanchen Technology. Stock abbreviation: Yuanchen Technology, stock code: 688659.

Yuanchen Technology will make full use of the resources of the capital market, based on its own core technology, further enhance its innovation capabilities, promote the continuous and stable growth of the company’s performance, realize the enhancement of the company’s existing product added value and the industrialization of core services, and strive to become an environmentally friendly science and technology innovation board. A benchmark company in the material sector!