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This report is from the Red Journal Finance: "carbon neutral" goal, reduce carbon emissions in the power industry, industrial energy, construction industry, transportation and other areas is crucial, in this process, the high efficiency and low resistance filter bags and ultra-low temperature catalysts and other new materials because they can better play the role of flue gas purification, reduce nitrogen oxide emissions, and in the The position of pollution reduction and carbon reduction is becoming more and more important.

According to public information, Yuanchen Technology (688659.SH) mainly provides energy-saving filter materials, high-performance low-temperature catalysts and other core consumables for flue gas purification, and provides corresponding performance testing, online monitoring, product acceptance and solid waste recycling services for downstream customers in power, steel and coking, waste incineration, cement and other industries. The company has established good cooperation relationship with famous enterprises such as Longjing Environmental Protection, State Power Investment Group, Guorui of China Electric Power, and Qingxin Environment, etc. After this IPO, the company is expected to ride on the east wind of "carbon neutral" development and open a new chapter of growth.

Helping to achieve the goal of "carbon neutrality

Yuanchen Technology has a good opportunity for development

In recent times, "carbon peaking" and "carbon neutral" have become the focus of market attention. In terms of national policies, the 2021 government work report clearly states that the ecological and environmental quality will be further improved, energy consumption per unit of GDP will be reduced by about 3%, and emissions of major pollutants will continue to fall. At the same time, the 14th Five-Year Plan and the outline of the 2035 Vision set specific "14th Five-Year Plan" green ecological goals, proposing the basic elimination of heavy polluted weather, the basic elimination of urban black smelly water bodies, reducing carbon emissions intensity and other tasks to achieve "carbon peak" and "carbon neutral". In the 14th Five-Year Plan, the "Carbon Neutral" and "Carbon Peaking" targets are planned and implemented scientifically.

In the secondary market, according to Wind, as of March 31, 2021, the highest point of Wind concept carbon neutral index has increased by 39% compared with the lowest point of the year, showing a better boom, and the carbon neutral index continues to be sought after by funds, the main net inflow of Wind concept carbon neutral index for the past 20 days is nearly 30 billion yuan, ranking at the top of the Wind concept board list.

In this regard, whether it is policy support or market performance, carbon neutral has become a hot spot of concern, in this context, the main production of environmental protection niche areas of special equipment companies will continue to benefit.

Public information shows that the main business products of Yuanchen Technology are all kinds of high-performance energy-saving and environmental protection filter media and SCR denitrification catalyst. Take SCR denitrification catalyst applied in steel industry as an example, the biggest difficulty of flue gas treatment in steel industry is denitrification, and after the NOx emission limit in steel industry is raised from 300mg/Nm3 to 50mg/Nm3, many enterprises are difficult to meet the standard and urgently need treatment and transformation, after nearly two years of market practice and selection, SCR denitrification technology has gradually occupied the mainstream of denitrification market in steel industry.