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Focus on dust removal and SCR denitrification Yuanchen Technology

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Today's science and technology board we comb together with Yuanchen Technology, the company is mainly engaged in the research and development, production, sales and service of filtration materials, flue gas purification series of environmental protection products. The company's main products are all kinds of high temperature and corrosion resistant filter bags and SCR denitrification catalysts, which are mainly used in industries and fields such as electric power, steel and coking, waste incineration, cement and glass, etc. The company's main customers are enterprises such as Longjing Environmental Protection, State Power Investment Group, Zhongdian Guorui, Fresh Environment, Shougang Jingtang, Anfeng Iron and Steel, China Resources Cement and Xinyi Glass.

The company's filter bag products are applied to industrial flue gas dust removal, bag type dust removal technology is currently one of the main dust removal technology applied in China, the working principle is that when the dust-containing gas passes through the filter bag, relying on the filter bag as a filter medium, through the role of sieving, inertia, adhesion, diffusion and electrostatic effects on dust capture, dust is blocked on the surface of the filter bag, clean gas is discharged through the gaps between the filter bag fibers, so as to achieve the separation of The clean gas is discharged through the gaps between the filter bag fibers, thus achieving the purpose of separating dust from dusty gas.

SCR denitrification catalysts are used in industrial flue gas denitrification. SCR denitrification technology is the most widely used technology in China, working on the principle of selective reduction of ammonia and nitrogen oxides to produce nitrogen and water under the action of denitrification catalysts, which plays a role in purifying flue gas and reducing nitrogen oxide emissions. The power industry took the lead in requiring NOx treatment, and the process of treatment gradually found that the wear life of the catalyst and coping with low load conditions became a problem; as the national control of pollution emissions from steel containing coking, glass, cement and other industries became stricter, the traditional vanadium and titanium catalysts also faced low efficiency, short life, single function and other problems in the new environmental protection island process route. The company has been attaching importance to technology research and development, and the core technologies independently developed, such as high-efficiency SCR denitrification technology for power plants, rare earth modified alkali-resistant SCR denitrification technology, medium and low temperature SCR denitrification technology, and NOx-dioxin synergistic removal technology, have successfully solved the above problems and have been successfully applied.

The company's SCR denitrification catalyst products are classified according to their application areas as power catalysts, sinter catalysts, glass kiln catalysts, cement catalysts, coking catalysts, lime kiln catalysts, waste incineration (denitrification/dioxin) catalysts, etc.

When the new crown epidemic occurred, the demand for protective equipment such as masks increased dramatically, especially the shortage of filtration materials such as upstream meltblown fabric. Leveraging its technical reserve and rich application experience in the filtration materials industry, the company started the research, development and manufacturing of PTFE laminated materials from 2013, and developed efficient and low resistance nano-level PTFE laminated materials that can replace meltblown cloth for masks in an efficient and timely manner using the existing technology base.

The environmental protection industry is divided into water pollution management, air pollution management, solid waste management and noise pollution management according to the service targets. Among them, air pollution management is one of the pillar industries in the environmental protection industry.

Atmospheric pollution is a phenomenon in which the concentration of pollutants in the atmosphere reaches such a harmful level that it destroys the ecosystem and the conditions for normal human survival and development, causing harm to people and things. Atmospheric pollutants include suspended matter and pollutant gases, suspended matter mainly includes TSP (total suspended particulate matter), PM10 (respirable particulate matter), PM2.5 (respirable particulate matter), and pollutant gases mainly include acid gases (sulfur dioxide SO2, nitrogen oxides NOX), greenhouse gases (carbon dioxide CO2, chlorofluorocarbons) and tropospheric ozone.

The main products produced by the company are various types of high temperature and corrosion resistant filter bags and SCR denitrification catalysts, which are specially used for the treatment of soot and NOx in industrial flue gas, and are an indispensable and important part of air pollution treatment, and have an important strategic position in the process of national air pollution prevention and control, whose market demand, technology level and the development and growth of the whole industry are closely related to the development of the environmental protection industry.

According to the proportion of application projects, the dust removal field bag dust in 2017, 2018, 2019 market share and its proportion are as follows

Bag and electric bag de-dusting technology can better meet the requirements of environmental protection due to its excellent performance in dust removal efficiency, its occupancy and occupancy rate show a gradual upward trend. According to the China Environmental Protection Industry Association bag dust committee forecast, 2020-2022 bag dust filter media market size will reach 9.6 billion yuan, 10.8 billion yuan, 12.2 billion yuan, respectively.

Based on the denitrification efficiency of various denitrification methods and information related to their application in various industrial sectors, the market share of SCR denitrification methods in the denitrification sector in 2017, 2018, and 2019 and their proportions are as follows.

According to Polaris Atmosphere Network forecast, 2020-2022 power industry will maintain more than 5 billion stock replacement scale, non-electric industry with an annual growth rate of more than 15%, according to this projection, 2020-2022 non-electric industry denitrification catalyst market size will reach 3.5 billion, 4 billion, 4.6 billion respectively.

Up to now, the company's filter bag products have been successfully applied to many domestic power companies with installed capacity of 1000MW and above units to achieve ultra-clean emissions in the field of electric bags or bag-type dust removal; China Industrial Textile Industry Association issued a certificate, ranking top five in the domestic high-temperature filtration materials industry in 2017-2019, and ranking first in Anhui Province.

In the domestic market, there are more than 100 fiber and filter media enterprises in the bag dust removal industry, among which small and medium-sized enterprises predominate. After years of development, the company has accumulated a number of stable customers in the domestic market and has a certain market position in the field of filter bags. The company's competitors mainly include.

The company continues to overcome low-temperature denitrification technology problems, and its denitrification catalyst products have been successfully applied to coking low-temperature denitrification and sintering medium and low-temperature denitrification to achieve ultra-low emission of SCR denitrification system; the company's denitrification catalyst products have won wide recognition from customers, and its downstream customers include well-known enterprises such as Longjing Environmental Protection, State Power Investment Group, Zhongdian Guorui, Qingxin Environment, Anfeng Steel and Xinyi Glass. After years of development, the company's market position has been steadily improved.

In the domestic market, there are a large number of manufacturers in the denitrification catalyst industry. After years of development, the company has accumulated a number of stable customers in the domestic market. The company's competitors mainly include.

Points to watch.

China's atmospheric management market from the power industry gradually matured to the depth of non-electricity industry management, non-electricity industry will become the next stage of winning the "Blue Sky Defense War" key. With the full implementation of the iron and steel industry ultra-low emissions, some provinces cement industry ultra-low emissions views have been introduced, as well as the future non-ferrous, cement and other industries ultra-low emissions views, the flue gas purification products also put forward higher requirements. Dust industry benefits from ultra-low emission policy, bag type dust market share increase brings filter bag consumption increase; strict nitrogen oxide emissions to promote the development of denitrification industry, early de-selling catalyst life will usher in the regeneration cycle.