After 17 years of professional training, promote the integration of new business forms in the environmental protection industry

These five companies in Xinzhan were awarded the 2020 China Top 500 Hidden Unicorns!

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On December 9, 2020 China Top 500 Hidden Unicorn Enterprises opened in Hefei, the conference held the signing ceremony of the project of China Top 500 Hidden Unicorn Enterprises settled in Hefei and the strategic cooperation of artificial intelligence industry chain, and released the "China Top 500 Hidden Unicorn Enterprises List" for the first time. The data shows that the number of China Top 500 Hidden Unicorn Enterprises in Hefei in 2020 is 28, with a total valuation of 26.1 billion yuan, ranking 6th in the country, and five enterprises in Xinzhan High-tech Zone were selected as China Top 500 Hidden Unicorn Enterprises in 2020!




Project Signing

  Fresh Saga

  Dabo Technology

  Dumb Radish

  State Instrument Quantum

  Bomicro Terahertz

  Core Acer Microwear

  Yuanchen Technology

  Origin Quantum

  Biohan Bio

  Seven Days Network

  Jiexing Xinyuan

  Xin Yi Hua


  Zhongke Ion

  Platts Ecology

  New Huicheng Microelectronics


  Anlong Gene Technology

  Zhongke Brain-like

  Yunta Electronics

  Moore Elite

  Zhengqi Leasing

  Dongchao Technology

  Qingxin Internet

  Hanhai Boxing



  Hong Hui Technology

  These are the 28 invisible unicorn enterprises listed in Hefei (in no particular order)

  Invisible unicorns are a new species of enterprises, the best part of technology innovation enterprises, the most promising group of enterprises with unique and distinctive technologies that can change or completely replace existing technologies and have a radical impact on the whole industry. The list is selected based on four main criteria: first, having original or disruptive technologies; second, having a business model that is difficult to replicate; third, having a company valuation of more than RMB 200 million (less than RMB 7 billion); fourth, having been founded about five years ago; and fifth, being in line with current policy guidelines and not having significant negative public opinion.

  Here, follow the editorial to understand

  These five invisible unicorn enterprises in Xinzhan High-tech Zone!


DataBox Technology

  Hefei DataBox Science and Technology Co., Ltd. (DataBox) was established in 2016, is a technology innovation enterprise belonging to Xinghe Technology Industrial Group, developing the world's leading big data chip technology and its software and hardware solutions. The founding team of Daber Technology has a dual background of "academic + industry", with 30% of the core R&D team holding PhD degrees from prestigious universities in China and the US, and over 90% holding master's degrees. The industrial team includes former chief business model expert of Huawei wireless product line, founding member of Huawei enterprise BG marketing team, project manager of Huawei 3COM hardware platform, etc. Since its establishment more than four years ago, the company has been selected for a series of government support programs such as Anhui Strategic Emerging Industry Cluster Development Base Project, Anhui Strategic Emerging Industry Leading Talents, and Hefei Leading Talents.



Yuanchen Technology

  Anhui Yuanchen Environmental Protection S&T Co., Ltd. was established in 2005, focusing on technology development and application in the field of environmental protection, pioneering and innovating in the fields of industrial flue gas dedusting, denitrification, circular economy, intelligent environmental protection, etc. It is an enterprise with the qualification of R&D, design and production of high-efficiency dedusting filter materials and SCR denitrification catalysts as well as recycling and reclamation of used catalysts, and has CNAS and CMA testing qualification. We have been awarded national high-tech enterprise, Anhui green factory, Anhui energy-saving and environmental protection "five hundred" recommended directory, Anhui Science and Technology Award, etc. Up to now, we have obtained 4 international PCT patents, 24 authorized invention patents, 53 authorized utility models, 77 accepted invention patents, drafted and participated in 14 standards. 14 standards.


  Yuanchen Technology and its products show


Seven Days Network

  Anhui Seven Days Education Technology Co., Ltd ("Seven Days Network"), founded in 2013, is a national high-tech Internet enterprise that focuses on the development and application of educational big data resources and serves schools, students and parents in the K12 field based on the intelligent marking platform. With independent intellectual property technologies and solutions in the fields of image understanding, distributed data storage, distributed computing and machine learning, we provide teachers, students and parents with artificial intelligence education services based on big data, using online learning space as the basic element.



Xin Yihua

  Founded in 2013, Hefei Xin Yihua Intelligent Machine Co., Ltd. is one of the most prominent R&D, manufacturing, sales and technical service enterprises in China's pan-semiconductor intelligent equipment industry in terms of comprehensive strength, economic efficiency and development potential. The company's product line includes industrial robots, smart factory system solutions, industrial software, automatic optical inspection systems, OLED vapor deposition systems and semiconductor automation equipment. Xin Yihua is the first company in the world to achieve mass production of clean handling robots and testing robots for 10.5 generation glass substrates and the first company in China to successfully develop complete sets of OLED evaporation and plating machines. International advanced level.





  Factory gate and robot production workshop (one row); OLED evaporation machine production test workshop and OLED evaporation packaging equipment (two rows)

New Huicheng Microelectronics

  Founded in 2015, Hefei Xinhuicheng Microelectronics Co., Ltd. is located in Xinzhan Comprehensive Free Trade Zone in Hefei, Anhui Province. It is the first manufacturer in mainland China that can provide the complete 4-stage process of 12-inch wafer gold bump manufacturing, testing, dicing and packaging by integrating the world's advanced chip packaging technology. After the project reaches full production, it can achieve a monthly packaging volume of 30,000 12-inch wafers and 50,000 8-inch wafers, with an annual output value of RMB 5 billion. The company insists on technological development and independent innovation, and is taking a step towards new development, striving to become a leading domestic and world-class R&D, manufacturing and service company for high-end chip packaging and testing; at the same time, it will introduce other advanced packaging and testing technologies to create a new situation of advanced packaging and testing in mainland China.




Union Semiconductor

  In recent years, Xinzhan High-tech Zone has introduced and cultivated a number of science and technology innovative enterprises based on the industrial development direction of "core, screen, device, and combination", and invisible unicorn enterprises have emerged. In the next step, Xinzhan High-tech Zone will seize the historic opportunity of industrial transfer and high quality development of Yangtze River Delta integration, promote the deep construction of industrial chain, stimulate new vitality with project construction, create new environment with innovative measures, and inject strong momentum to achieve high quality development.