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Strengthen the style of construction, strive to be a practical and competent party cadres

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According to the community party committee to celebrate the 99th anniversary of the party series of activities and deepen the "three to the case" warning education requirements, today, I on "strengthen the style of construction, strive to be a practical and competent party members and cadres", to give you a special party class. I also want to take this opportunity to exchange with you in recent years, some of their own thinking. The main three issues.


First, a comprehensive understanding of the significance of unswervingly strengthening the party style and discipline, style construction

General Secretary Xi Jinping pointed out that the more complex the form the party faces, the more difficult the task, the more important to maintain the unity of the party. The unity of the party depends on what to ensure? To rely on common ideals and beliefs, rely on a tight organizational system, rely on a high degree of consciousness of the party comrades, but also rely on strict discipline and rules. Discipline is the distinctive feature of our party, which is related to the survival of the party, the success or failure of the cause, the nature, purpose and nature of the party members, is an important guarantee that our party continues to move from victory to victory.

At the end of March this year, the Anhui Provincial Party Committee considered and adopted the "deepening of the three cases" warning education work program, decided to Zhao Zhengyong, Zhang Jian and other cases as a mirror, in-depth deepening of the "case as a warning, case as a warning, case to promote reform" warning education, this time deepening The "three to case" warning education, mainly highlighting the "four links four increase", the requirement to do "ten check ten do", so that the majority of party members and cadres in the case to show the warning in the wake up to understand the law and discipline, in the case as a warning In the strict control of deep examination, in the case to promote reform in the strong rectification and promotion, with excellent work style to promote the epidemic prevention and control and economic and social development, with greater determination and stronger efforts to win the comprehensive completion of a well-off society, the battle against poverty. Our community has also carried out activities such as thematic seminars and democratic life meetings. We need to deeply understand the importance of abiding by the Party's discipline and strengthening the style of work.