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Examining and identifying cadres in major emergencies

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From ancient times to the present, identify people to know people is a discipline, but also the correct selection of people and the basis of the premise. Do a good job of cadres to identify the work, must adhere to a comprehensive, historical, dialectical vision, General Secretary Xi Jinping pointed out profoundly at the National Organizational Work Conference: both to put effort in the usual, all-round, multi-channel understanding of cadres, but also focus on understanding the performance of cadres in completing urgent and difficult tasks, dealing with complex issues, dealing with major tests.

Currently, the spread of the new crown pneumonia epidemic across the country, is a major unexpected event on the road to building a well-off society, is a major challenge to the Chinese nation from the hardships and suffering, but also a big test of our governance system and governance capacity, but also to examine the first site to identify cadres. The wind knows the grass is strong and the fire sees the real gold. In the face of the epidemic struggle, whether to meet the difficulties, heroic struggle, solid work, or shrink back, perfunctory, and desertion, such major emergencies as touchstones and whetstones, directly test and sharpen the ideals and beliefs of each cadre, political character, ability and quality, for the people's feelings and responsibility.

Major emergencies test the ideals and beliefs of cadres. General Secretary Xi Jinping repeatedly reminded us that the closer we are to national rejuvenation, the less smooth sailing, the more full of risks and challenges and even shocking waves. Ideals and beliefs of party members and cadres is the foundation of faith, the spirit of the "calcium", the "switch" of thought, no ideals and beliefs, ideals and beliefs are not firm, will be in front of the wind and rain east and west, in front of major emergencies look ahead and back. Currently, in the face of the onslaught of the new crown pneumonia epidemic that caught people off guard and dangerous, if there is no chime [qìng] of faith, such as a mountain of determination, it is difficult to stabilize the mind, boost courage, and go against the grain. We are pleased to see that, in the face of the dangerous epidemic, an emergency issued a notice instructions, a face was mask strangled blood marks, a tired but resolute figure ...... nowhere shines the light of firm belief. Not forgetting the original intention, the only way to get always. The more extraordinary times, critical moments, the more ideals and beliefs are born "hardcore" power, to urge people to move forward.